Cats have taken over the word search! Get your cats and join the fun today!



Battle Cats is a multiplayer space cat themed word search. BOOM. Play a single player word search or challenge an opponent to a word battle. Word battles can be timed where each player has a copy of the puzzle and fastest time wins or live battles where both players search simultaneously on the same puzzle in real time! Launch Cat Litter Bombs against your opponents to slow them down! Shoot Cat Eye Lasers to remove letters! Use in game chat to taunt your rivals!

Battle Cats! was created for the visually impaired, but fun for all to play. Available in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese to allow you to test your skill against opponents all over the world!

If you like word searches, you need to try Battle Cats! Download for free and let the fun start today!


Litter Bomb

Use litter bombs to distract your opponents and slow them down!

Cat Lasers

Use Cat Lasers to vaporize letters!

Game Features

Feature rich!

150+ game categories!
Single or multiplayer games!
Timed or head-to-head games!
Chat functionality!
Advanced statistics!
Level progressions!
Lightening fast game play!
Screen specific help!
Universal virtual currency!

Everyone Plays!

Voiceover Accessible

Battle Cats is 100% voiceover accessible and available in 7 languages! Play friends, contacts, or random opponents all over the world today!

What we are about

Accessibility First!

Like all of our games, Battle Cats! was created for the visually impaired, but exciting and fun for all to play. Download Battle Cats today!


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